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LTE Simulators


Welcome to the TU Wien's Institute of Telecommunications LTE simulator page. Here you will be able to get the last available version of the in-house developed, Matlab-based Downlink Physical Layer (Link Level) and System Level LTE simulators.

The simulators are released under the terms of an academic, non-commercial use license. Please read the corresponding license agreement (see links below) in case of doubt.

If you are experiencing problems with downloading or using the simulators in general please contact the relevant person/s listed on each of the simulators' pages.


LTE simulators

You can find below the links to each one of the LTE simulators:


LTE-A Downlink Link Level Simulator [v1.3 r1924] (License agreement


LTE Downlink System Level Simulator [v1.8 r1375] (License agreement(List of Features)


LTE Uplink Link Level Simulator [v1.3 r718](License agreement) (List of Features)


Note: We provide only one license per group. Thus, please send only one license agreement for the simulator of your choice.

Previous versions of the simulators are available in our Featured Download section.


For questions please check our forum, where you will be able to post your questions/comments/bug reports.