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Welcome to the Vienna LTE-A simulator webpage of the Institute of Telecommunications at the Vienna University of Technology. The sub-pages provide all the necessary information for downloading the latest available version of the in-house developed, MATLAB-based LTE-A System Level-, LTE-A Downlink Link Level- and LTE-A Uplink Link Level simulators (see corresponding links below).

The simulators are released under the terms of an academic, non-commercial use license. In case of doubt, please read the corresponding license agreement (see 'License agreement' links below).

If you are experiencing problems with downloading or using the simulators in general please contact the relevant person/s listed on each of the simulators' pages.



LTE simulators


LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator [v1.8 r1375] (License agreement(VIDEO TUTORIAL) (List of Features


LTE-A Downlink Link Level Simulator [v1.3 r1924] (License agreement


LTE-A Uplink Link Level Simulator [v1.4](License agreement) (List of Features)


Note: We provide only one license per group. Thus, please send only one license agreement for the simulator of your choice.

To find out whether your department already signed a license agreement and whom to contact, please check the archive of granted license.


Previous versions of the simulators are available for download in our Featured Download section.





For any questions/comments/bug reports, please visit our Online-FORUM, where your concern/experience will reach a large online-community as well as the Vienna LTE-A simulator team. 





A list of relevant publications is found in the publication database of the Vienna University of Technology via the following link:

List of Relevant Publications