• Knowledge Transfer and Education

    In workshops and roundtable events we bring together industrial players, academic experts, and students.

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  • Antenna Measurements

    Our shielded anechoic chamber allows to characterize antenna systems over a wide frequency range from UHF to millimeter waves.
    We transform nearfield measurements to farfield characteristics

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  • Experimental Antennas

    Our rooftop is our experimental area for advanced antenna systems.
    The foto shows the ground station which supported several scientific missions in astronomy.

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  • Network Security

    Students analysing Internet Traffic to detect network attacks, malware communication and covert channels

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With more than 70 scientific staff, the Institute of Telecommunications (TC) is one of the largest in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TU Wien. With the core of the institute founded in 1928, it has a long tradition of excellence in teaching and research. In its history, the institute went through a number of organisational changes, with the most recent one in January 2011, when the former Institute of Communications and Radio-Frequency Engineering (INTHFT) and the former Institute of Broadband Communications (IBK) merged to form the new Institute of Telecommunications (TC).

The institute contributes to teaching in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science through courses covering a wide range of subjects in signals and systems, communications, radio-frequency engineering, and communication networks. The institute’s research is in fields of practical relevance, including mobile communications, flexible wireless systems, multimedia systems, optical communications, signal processing, communication theory, radio frequency engineering, and broadband communications. Projects range from fundamental research to hardware design and many of them are carried out in close cooperation with industrial partners and/or in the framework of international projects and programs.

The Christian Doppler Laboratories for Wireless Technologies for Sustainable Mobility and for Dependable Wireless Connectivity for the Society in Motion are hosted by the Institute.