JKU Linz

5G Secure Communications in Industrial Production Environments

Thesis advisor: Andreas Springer

Kurzfassung: In this project we focus on how to use physical layer aspects in a distributed cloud-radio access network (C-RAN) architecture for security in 5G machine type communications (MTC). Our research has three closely linked objectives: (i) highly accurate synchronization among the distributed base station units; (ii) indoor localization of MTC nodes with meter-level accuracy; (iii) computational efficient and secure authentication schemes that can be used for mass deployment based on the estimated node location. The project targets applications in industrial production environments, which is an important use case for future 5G communication networks. All research activities will be accompanied by hardware verifications in a factory indoor environment. As hardware components, the Open Air Interface (OAI) platform, developed by EURECOM, together with LTE mobile devices, will be used. As factory floor the JKU mechatronics department offers a suitable lab environment. The research activities within the project will be carried out in strong collaboration between the Institute for Communications Engineering andRF-Systems and the Institute of Networks and Security, both at JKU, and will be supported by the Communication Systems group at EURECOM.