Michael Jachan

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.
Company: Brain Products GmbH
E-Mail: michael.jachan@gmx.net
City, State: Freiburg, Germany
Time Span: June, 2002 - June, 2006


Michael Jachan was a member of INTHFT until july 2006. He received both Phd and the Msc degrees in telecommunications / signal processing from Vienna University of Technology, Austria, in Jun. 2006 and Jun. 2001, resp.
From December 2001 until May 2002 he was with the ftw. Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, where he was working on an xDSL system simulator. His research interests include time-frequency signal processing and statistical signal processing. Together with the time-frequency group he applies signal processing for medical purposes (optical coherence tomography (OCT)) and to mobile radio communications (statistical modeling of the mobile radio channel).


Research Interests

  • ARMA
  • Statistical signal processing
  • Time-frequency signal processing
  • Applied signal processing
  • Mobile radio channels
Research Projects

Further Activities

  •  Signal Processing for Optical Coherence Tomography  (together with the Medical University of Vienna we improve the resolution of OCT devices).