Fakultätspreis 2016

Fakultätspreis 2016: Stefan Pratschner

Stefan Pratschner at the presentation at Fakultätsfest

Stefan Pratschner receives the Fakultätspreis 2016 for his master thesis

The most recent standard for mobile communication is known as LTE-Advanced offering high deployment flexibility and high data rates for users. For implementation of such an sophisticated communication system highly evolved hardware components and signal processing algorithms are required.

For such a wireless communication system, coherent detection at the receive side is essential to obtain intended overall performance.
This requires knowledge of the wireless channel, making channel estimation not only necessary but a very important task within the signal processing chain.

In LTE-A reference symbols, which are known to the receiver, are multiplexed with the transmitted data to enable channel estimation. In uplink MIMO transmissions, these pilot symbols are multiplexed on the same time-frequency positions for all spatial layers, making separation of estimated MIMO channels necessary. Many existing estimation methods aim for separation in time domain, exploiting the reference symbols’ code-domain orthogonality. These algorithms suffer from overlapping Channel Impulse Responses (CIR) when estimating frequency selective channels, referred to as CIR leakage.

In his work he presents channel estimation algorithms that aim to separate all estimated MIMO channels in frequency domain. These methods do not suffer from CIR leakage and achieve a significantly lower estimation error when estimating frequency selective channels.

Stefan Pratschner
Master Thesis: “Doubly-Selective Channel Estimation for LTE-A Uplink”
Supervisor: Markus Rupp, Stefan Schwarz; final examination: 2016-06-16

Stefan Pratschner receives the award from Dean Prof. Rupp

Wien am 22. September 2016