Samira Homayouni

Projektass. M.Sc.
Tel.: +43 (1) 58801 - 38975
Room: CGEG08
Address: Gusshausstraße 25 / E389
1040 Wien


Samira Homayouni received her Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering in 2011 from Shahid Beheshti Univeristy, G.C., Tehran, Iran. Since then she worked as a DSP system firmware developer at NJ CO, Tehran, Iran on physical layer development for TErrestrial TRunked Radio. She is currently employed by the Institute of Telecommunications, Vienna University of Technology as a project assistant within the Mobile Communications Group where she is working towards her PhD.

The current focus is on traffic modeling, D2D communication systems, big data applications, machine learning, and crowdsourcing network performance (including QoS) measurements.

Research Topics

Traffic modeling and analysis in mobile networks.
Crowed sourced performance measurements in mobile cellular networks.
Cognitive networks: challenges, benefits and protocol designs.
DSP programming, optimization and debugging techniques.
Physical layer, WSN & LTE.