Presentations related to the CD-lab

Stefan Schwarz, PIMRC 2018 (12.09.2018): Signal Outage Optimized Beamforming for MISO
TWDP Fading Channels

Stefan Schwarz, OVE IT Kolloquium – Auf dem Weg zu 5G (15.05.2018): Research on 5G and Beyond at TU Wien

Stefan Schwarz, Scientific 2-Years Evaluation (25.10.2017): Dependable Wireless Connectivity for the Society in Motion

Ljiljana Marijanovic, EUSIPCO 2017 (30.08.2017): Intercarrier Interference of Multiple Access UFMC with Flexible Subcarrier Spacings

Stefan Schwarz, Faculty Council ETIT TU Wien (03.05.2017): Faculty_Schwarz_short

First Annual Open Day and Workshop (15.11.2016):

Stefan Schwarz, Asilomar SSC 2016 (07.11.2016): Limited Feedback based Double-Sided Full-Dimension MIMO for Mobile Backhauling

Stefan Schwarz, VTC-Fall 2016 (21.09.2016): Gaussian Modeling of Spatially Correlated LOS/NLOS Maps for Mobile Communications

Ronald Nissel, SAM 2016 (12.07.2016): Experimental Evaluation of FBMC-OQAM Channel Estimation Based on Multiple Auxiliary Symbols

Ronald Nissel, BlackSeaCom 2016 (08.06.2016): Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio: Throughput Calculations

Ronald Nissel, ICC 2016 (26.05.2016): Bit Error Probability for Pilot-Symbol Aided Channel Estimation in FBMC-OQAM

Stefan Schwarz, Opening Ceremony of the CD-Lab (27.04.2016): Dependable Wireless Connectivity for the Society in Motion