Capacity of Cloud-RAN Downlink Channels



EI 1 Petritsch Hörsaal

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Prof. Gerhard Kramer (TU München), one of the leading experts in the information theory community, will give the lecture

“Capacity of Cloud-RAN Downlink Channels”

on November 15th, 2017


The downlink of a cloud radio access network (C-RAN) architecture can be modeled as a diamond network. The baseband unit (BBU) is connected to remote radio heads (RRHs) via fiber links that are modeled as rate-limited bit pipes. Bounds on the rates for reliable communication are evaluated for single-antenna RRHs. A lower bound is based on Marton’s coding, which facilitates dependence across the RRH signals. An upper bound uses Ozarow’s technique to augment the system with an auxiliary random variable.

The bounds are studied over scalar Gaussian C-RANs and are shown to meet and characterize the capacity for interesting regimes of operation. The bounds are also evaluated for an abstract model: a noise-free binary adder channel (BAC). The capacity of the BAC is established for all ranges of bit-pipe capacities, which seems to yield a new combinatorial result on sum sets.