DSP Seminar – Erich Zöchmann


10:00 - 11:00

Institute of Telecommunications
E389 Seminarraum 2 (CG0402)

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Measurement-based evaluation of mmWave communication

All previously published millimetre wave signal-processing algorithms rely on sparse channel models. To look on observable channels, mechanically steered directive antennas are used. Directional measurements were carried out to study small-scale fading parameters, such as receive power, Rician K-factor and RMS delay spread. The angular (directional) power profile is also visual in the Doppler domain. However, contrary to common Doppler modelling, scattering objects are typically in close proximity. We model the effect of these nearby scattering objects and present an extended Doppler spread – angle of arrival relation, which incorporates the cosine relation as special case. Repeatable measurements of a static scenario allow for optimization of the probing signals to the new Doppler relation. Finally, we propose an experimental setup for delay-Doppler measurements at 60 GHz.


Place: CG0402