Operational Mobile Service Quality in Trains and Road Vehicles – PhD Defense Taulant BERISHA



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Dissertation: Operational Mobile Service Quality in Trains and Road Vehicles

Place: Seminarraum E362-1, Raum Nr. CH0236 1040 Wien, Gusshausstraße 25a / ZMNS

Time: Monday, 27. May 2019, 11:00

Short abstract:

There are two limiting factors for wireless communications on-board railway vehicles:

(1) Low-emissivity coating, multiple window panes, isolating materials deposited between panes as well as metallic materials used to construct the vehicle body itself impose high values of vehicle penetration loss.
(2) Sparse network deployments are very common for railway environments. In this dissertation I propose two approaches such as descriptive statistics and nonparametric statistical inference applied to make predictions on improvements or impairments for various vehicular use cases. In particular, multiple hypothesis testing is constructed upon rank-based methods which apply to the two-sample problem to infer changes about central tendency. Scenarios under investigation include the use cases of mobile users on-board inter-city and regional trains equipped with amplify-and-forward repeaters and frequency selective surfaces as well as mobile users on-board road vehicles investigated from the perspective of infotainment applications.