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14:30 - 15:30

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We are pleased to announce the AIT Wireless Communications Lecture jointly organized with the TU Vienna Telecommunications Forum.

The lecture will take place on Friday, October 14, 14:30h – 15:30h.

Location: AIT, TechGate Tower, 5th floor, small meeting room (please ring the bell on the left door in the fifth floor).

Title: A compact mixed-norm reformulation for the multiple measurement vector problem in compressed sensing

Speaker: Prof. Marius Pesavento, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Abstract: Parameter estimation from multiple measurement vectors (MMVs) is a fundamental problem in many signal
processing applications, e.g., spectral analysis and direction-of-arrival estimation. Recently, this problem has been address using
prior information in form of a jointly sparse signal structure. A prominent approach for exploiting joint sparsity considers mixed-norm
minimization in which, however, the problem size grows with the number of measurements and the desired resolution,
respectively. In this talk we introduce an novel compact equivalent reformulation of the mixed-norm minimization problem
which provides new insights on the relation between different existing approaches for jointly sparse signal reconstruction. The
reformulation builds upon a compact parameterization, which models the row-norms of the sparse signal representation as
parameters of interest, resulting in a significant reduction of the MMV problem size. Given the sparse vector of row-norms,
the jointly sparse signal can be computed from the MMVs in closed form. For the special case of uniform linear sampling,
we present an extension of the compact formulation for gridless parameter estimation by means of semidefinite programming.
Furthermore, we establish for this case the exact equivalence of the L2,1 mixed-norm minimization and the atomic-norm minimization.