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    Huiyue Yi

    Dear Dr. Martin Taranetz:

    I am sorry for troubling you. When running the latest version “” of the simulator, we found that there are problems in the function “\+network_generation\generated_network.m” and can not run the following three functions:

    (1) networkMacroscopicPathlossMap.UE_indoor_map = macroscopic_pathloss_models.generalPathlossModel.calculate_UE_indoor_map (LTE_config,networkMacroscopicPathlossMap);

    (2) networkMacroscopicPathlossMap.UE_height_map = macroscopic_pathloss_models.generalPathlossModel.calculate_UE_height_map(LTE_config,networkMacroscopicPathlossMap);

    (3) networkMacroscopicPathlossMap.UE_indoor_dist_map = macroscopic_pathloss_models.generalPathlossModel.calculate_UE_indoor_distance(networkMacroscopicPathlossMap);

    Would you please tell us how to solve the above problems? Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Huiyue Yi

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