FUSE – Future Self-Organizing Energy Networks

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With the integration of local renewable energy sources at the customer’s premises, decentralized grid structures become promising and will likely substitute todays inflexible centralized structures. Microgrids are the key components in such decentralized grid topologies and offer a broad range of opportunities for a flexible grid operation, which ideally use self-organization to react to changing boundary conditions. Nevertheless, self-organization requires situational awareness. Internal microgrid operation as well as the controlled interconnection of microgrids is challenging regarding supervision and control. Expertise in both fields, i.e. in energy and communication, is required to address those challenges.

  • Intra-Microgrid Management: Explore methods for microgrid self-management (stabilization, optimization) based on data collection and situation-dependent decision processes for selected scenarios in a real testbed.
  • Inter-Microgrid Management: Investigate methods to autonomously control the interactions in a grid of microgrids, which includes processes for situation-dependent decisions regarding interconnections and islanding options. Identify research pathways and explore the feasibility of the evolution of the current energy system to a self-organizing grid of microgrids.
  • Microgrid Security and Protection: Investigate cross-layer reactive security methods (including sensor, control and network data) to detect and mitigate attacks as basis for self-protection functions for selected scenarios in intra- and inter-microgrid communication.

Future challenges in smart grid technologies require experts familiar with both, the energy and the communication domain. Therefore, besides the scientific objectives of the project it is also planned to exploit data and infrastructure in research-oriented teaching and establish research and teaching resources that can be shared with others.