Reply To: FBMC doesn't work


Dear Chai,

thanks for your comment. Unfortunately there was a bug concerning the use of FBMC. I fixed this bug and re-uploaded the files. Please consider to re-download the simulator files. There were changes in the User.m as well as in the simulationParameters.m.

However, in the case of FBMC, only real valued symbols are transmitted. To obtain the same time duration as in a cell with OFDM modulation, the number of symbols in the FBMC cell has to be twice as large compared to the OFDM one. So, to obtain LTE like settings, you should use 15 symbols in the OFDM cell while you set 30 symbols in the FBMC cell. Further, as FBMC has no guard symbol (or CP), you should set the number of guard symbols for the FBMC cell to zero.

Hope that solves your problem.