Reply To: FBMC doesn't work


Dear Mr. Stefan,

After i redownload the simulator and used all the setting you mention, unfortunately it still doesn’t work. I still cannot run a simulation comparing OFDM with FBMC.

Below are the parameter i used:
“scStr.modulation.subcarrierSpacing = [15e3, 30e3]; % select a four times bigger subcarrier spacing in the second cell
scStr.modulation.numerOfSubcarriers = [104, 52]; % to have the same bandwidth, the total number of subcarriers must be one fourth on the second cell
scStr.modulation.nSymbolsTotal = [15, 30]; % to have the same frame duration, the total number of symbols must be four times higher in the second cell
scStr.modulation.nGuardSymbols = [1, 0]; ”

it comes with an error:”Error using Parameters.SimulationParameters/checkParameters (line 173)
Invalid ratio of subcarrier spacing, number of subcarriers, number of total symbols and number of guard symbols across

and the same case where i use 1 symbols and 2 symbols