Reply To: FBMC doesn't work


Dear Chai,

I just tried again; using the currently available simulator with the following changes in the generic scenario:

scStr.modulation.waveform                   = { 'OFDM', ...             % waveform for each BS:
                                                'FBMC' }; 

scStr.modulation.subcarrierSpacing = [15e3, 30e3]; % select a four times bigger subcarrier spacing in the second cell
scStr.modulation.numerOfSubcarriers = [104, 52]; % to have the same bandwidth, the total number of subcarriers must be one fourth on the second cell
scStr.modulation.nSymbolsTotal = [15, 60]; % to have the same frame duration, the total number of symbols must be four times higher in the second cell
scStr.modulation.nGuardSymbols = [1, 0];

scStr.modulation.samplingRate               = 30e3*104*2;

scStr.schedule.fixedSchedule{1}             = [ 'UE1:104' ];     % schedule for BS1
scStr.schedule.fixedSchedule{2}             = [ 'UE2:52' ];     % schedule for BS2

works perfectly fine. It seems the error occurs since you are using automatic sampling rate calculation.

Thank you for your comment, we will fix this issue. For now I advise to use the largest subcarrier spacing times the maximum number of subcarriers times two as sampling rate.