Reply To: 3 cell simulation


I run the same simulation code mentioned above with corrections which you said but with UFMC,it gave me error:

Error using Modulation.UFMC/SetDependentParameters (line 78)
Number of subbands has to be integer; otherwise it is necessary to add zeros artificially

Error in Modulation.UFMC (line 50)

Error in Modulation.Modulator (line 52)
obj.WaveformObject = Modulation.UFMC(varargin{5}, varargin{6}, varargin{7}, varargin{8},
varargin{9}, varargin{10}, varargin{11}, varargin{12}, varargin{13}, varargin{14});

Error in Parameters.SimulationParameters/generateLinks (line 532)
Links{linkX, linkY}.Modulator = Modulation.Modulator( ‘QAM’,
mcs.modulationOrder, ‘UFMC’, …

Error in main (line 49)
LinksParFor = simParams.generateLinks(Links, BS, UE);