Reply To: produce 7 macrocells with 10 femtocells


Hi Dr.Fjolla
Thank you so much and your team for your follow up and guidance.

I have two questions that make me doubt:
1. for producing 7 macrocells, is the number of rings=1? and if the number of rings=1, only center cell(cell5) is to form of hexagonal in GUI but the other cells are not hexagonal, it seems the region is infinite for them(cell1,cell2,cell3,cell4,cell6,cell7).
set the number of rings to 2 or 1 is true?
2. for the number of rings=1, is it true if i set map resolution to 10? Because with lower resolution, for example 5 meters/pixels dont produce the 10 femtocells in each hexagonal cell.

Best regards.