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Dear Ben,

Please do not flood the forum with so many questions at once. When using this forum, please stick to the following etiquette . Before posting a question, you can search in the forum topics, probably someone asked the same question already you will find the answer there. The forum is quite active so you can learn a lot by just searching on specific topics already posted. Once you really get stuck we are happy to help you with your questions. In that case, please formulate a complete question with a bit more information, especially when you get an error, we need to know which launcher file you were using, what actually you intended to simulate, otherwise it is hard to find where does the error come from.

If you are new to the simulator I suggest that you first start reading the documentation of the simulator, provided in +documentation. Also, we provide examples of how to run a simulation, several examples denoting specific features are given in +sim_main_launcher_files. From there you can follow the code and understand better the simulator structure. The main file from where various functions are called is the file LTE_sim_main.

Regarding your errors, please specify what you were simulating !?

For handover, you find a detailed answer in the following topic: .

Best regards,

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