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Dear Avinash,

It seems that the code for WINNER channel model is no longer available to download. For several years we provide an interface that makes it possible to run this channel model in our simulator. However, since the code is distributed under the GNU GPL, its files are not included in the simulator release. Nevertheless, we provide alternatives to this issue:

This might be a useful information to many of you in this forum that have been asking about the winner channel model code.

Starting from July 2018, we have announced the new release of our system level simulator, Vienna LTE-A Downlink System Level Simulator v2.0 Q3-2018. With this release, we provide a new channel interface that incorporates QuaDRiGa channel model in our simulator. QuaDRiGa contains a collection of features created in various Spatial Channel Models from 3GPP and WINNER channel models along with novel modeling approaches. More details you find in the documentation of the simulator.

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