Reply To: LTE network simulation, Handover procedure simulation


Dear Ben,

thanks for understanding! Regarding your implementation task, in our simulator we provide a very simple handover procedure that is just related to data transmissions. We do not consider any signaling here. Also, no RSRP is implemented, only macroscopic SINR. So for your thesis, you might have to do quite some implementation to make this work.

For your questions:
1. You will have to implement your handover procedure in this function, basically replace the current simple implementation with your HO technique.
2. You can create and save different statistical parameters for your HO by saving them as UE objects (e.g., UEs(u_).number_of_HOF), and then post-process these parameters similar to what is done in LTE_sim_main.m in simulation_traces.calculate_UE_aggregates.
3. Regarding our optimization problem, I can’t answer how you should calculate such parameters, it will depend on your implementation. Once you get used with the simulator, I am sure you will see a clearer way how to do it.
4. As for .mat files, very often it happened that the path of the .mat file (simulator path + .mat file name) was too long. Try to avoid such long path name, and the problem should not appear.

Best regards and good luck with your implementation.