Reply To: RSRP


Dear Dr.Fjolla

In hRSMeasurements.m in MATLAB in line 50 to 59 says:
% rmc = lteRMCDL(‘R.12’);
% rmc.TotSubframes = 1;
% txWaveform = lteRMCDLTool(rmc,[1;0;0;1]);
% EsdBm = -90;
% rxWaveform = txWaveform * sqrt(10^((EsdBm-30)/10));
% rxGrid = lteOFDMDemodulate(rmc,rxWaveform);
% meas = hRSMeasurements(rmc,rxGrid)

according you said if i want add RSRP metric in the link_quality_model(), after the wideband_SINR calculation, i know that how calculate rxGrid from SINR but i dont know how and what parameters gather in Reference Measurement Channel(rmc) as input of hRSMeasurements function? should i use for example rmc = lteRMCDL(‘R.12’) or another way?

Thank you very much.
Best regards,