Reply To: nlos propagation model


Dear Fjolla,

I came through all topic talking about the 3D channel in the forum. I am still confused, Please can you explain me more clearly about these questions:
1. for this one,
LOS_positions(:,:,b_) =current_site_sectors(1).macroscopic_pathloss_model.generate_LOS_positions(max(distance_matrix_2D(:,:,b_)-networkMacroscopicPathlossMap.UE_indoor_dist_map(:,:),0), networkMacroscopicPathlossMap);
Can you give exactly the way to set this map to ones-for LOS, or zeros-for NLOS keeping the same size of the matrix LOS_positions?
I tried many times but always got errors, please can you give it clearly the way to set it. by giving the exact one.

2. How to set the UE to be positioned at aplha=45 degree? alpha is the angle between the boresight of the EnodeB and the UE.

3. is this setting the vertical downtilt (LTE_config.electrical_downtilt = 90;)?

Sorry again for my many questions, just sincerely my level in Matlab OO is very low and no time to perform it.
I hope to get your message, very soon!!!
best regards!!!