Reply To: ShortBlockChannelCoding.m and Comparison_CodingSchemes_AWGN_BPSK.m

Bashar Tahir

Dear Fam,

As mentioned in our simulator publication:, the reason for that is to have a fair comparison between the different schemes for short block lengths. In the 5G-NR codes, filler bits are added to compensate for the mismatch between the input block size and the dimensions of the party check matrix. Since this can result in a longer codeword, then the effective code rate will get reduced compared to the other schemes. To compensate for that, the code rate is reduced compared to the other coding schemes, such that for every scheme, the input information length, and the output codeword length are the same.

The reason why we did not do that in the Comparison_CodingSchemes_AWGN_BPSK.m example, is because the codeword length is 1712, and therefore the number of added filler bits is much smaller compared to the codeword length; so we just ignored it.


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