Reply To: Simulation with femtocells without involvement of macrocell


Dear Haseeb,

The scenario that is defined in the file “LTE_sim_main_launcher_femtocells.m” considers a fixed amount of femto cells per macro cell. Using this as a reference, you can eliminate the macro cells from your simulation by including the following lines in your scenario file:

LTE_config.antenna.antenna_gain_pattern = ‘omnidirectional’; % creates a single macro BS (instead of three sector BSs)
LTE_config.nr_eNodeB_rings = 0; % creates only one BS-site in the center
LTE_config.eNodeB_tx_power = 0; % transmit power in Watt – will set the cell size of the macro BS to 0

With the line

LTE_config.femtocells_config.femtos_per_cell = 20;

you can then directly control the absolute number of femtos that will be placed in your scenario (in this case 20). By default, the placement option

LTE_config.femtocells_config.spatial_distribution = ‘constant femtos per cell’;

is chosen, which places the femtos randomly within your cell (in this case in the whole region of interest).

Then setting

LTE_config.UE_per_eNodeB = [0 2]; % First number refers to ‘macro’, second to ‘femto’ ,i.e. [Nr_of_UEs_per_Macro Nr_of_UEs_per_Femto]

will create 2 UEs per femto-cell (randomly placed in the cell).

Femtocells are considered to have an independent backhaul link and are thus performing scheduling etc. independently. Only for placement they are assigned to a BS object.

Best regards,