Reply To: MIMO transmission


I also want to ask the same question. The documentation on page 2 states that “The new transmission features of 5G, such as mmWave and massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) are represented in our simulator by the corresponding channel channel model for the right frequency range.” However, I am unable to change the number of antenna in base stations. My code:

predefPosPico                          = parameters.basestation.PredefinedPositions();
predefPosPico.positions                = loc.bs_loc;
predefPosPico.antenna                  = parameters.basestation.antennas.ThreeSectorBerger;
predefPosPico.antenna.height           = loc.bs_h;
predefPosPico.antenna.nTX              = 18;
predefPosPico.antenna.nRX              = 1;
% predefPosPico.antenna.nBS              = 1;
predefPosPico.type                     = parameters.setting.BaseStationType.macro;
predefPosPico.antenna.transmitPower    = 2;
params.baseStationParameters('pico')   = predefPosPico;

The error:

Error using smallScaleFading.PDPchannelFactory/setChanModParams (line 124)
AWGN only working for SISO