Reply To: capacity analysis of 5G Dense Nets and mmWaves using system level simulator


When we look at normal computer memory technology, it seem like that when a new iteration comes, the previous one is gone and is replaced in a year or two. This is true for DDR2, 3, and possibly for 4 in the near future.

In graphics technology, some older tech might have staying power because of the different price point of GPUs. GDDR3 was there when GDDR4 was out, and same with GDDR4 (briefly) with GDDR5.

But my question is, how did GDDR5, a technology that came out in the Radeon HD 4000 family in 2008, is still here today 12 years later? Infact, it is still used in the latest midrange graphic card such as the 1650/1660.

Did GDDR5 just have that much staying power? Or was there not much innovation in the mainstream memory technology sector?