Reply To: Questions regarding the vienna simulator



first of all, I advise you to use the new version 1.2 of the simulator, see

1) The transmission bandwidth is determined by the number of subcarriers scStr.modulation.numberOfSubcarriers and the subcarrier spacing scStr.modulation.subcarrierSpacing through the modulation and waveform parameters. The carrier frequency scStr.simulation.centerFrequency is also a parameter, but it only has an effect if you are considering non-zero user velocities. The center frequency is only employed for the calculation of the Doppler shift.

2) The transmission power of the base station is given by scStr.simulation.txPowerBaseStation and the transmit power of a user is defined by scStr.simulation.txPowerUser both in dBm

3) The saturation throughput is mainly determined by the employed bandwidth (number of subcarriers) and the employed modulation and coding scheme (MCS) (or CQI)

kind regards
Stefan Pratschner