Reply To: Vienna 5G SL Simulator – New Release 1.1


Hi Charmae,

I didn’t changed anything, I am using freshly downloaded copy without a single change.

I am running launcherHetNet.m and have encountered below error:

Vienna 5G System Level Simulator
(c) 2018-2020, Institute of Telecommunications (TC), TU Wien
This work has been funded by the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Dependable Wireless Connectivity for the Society in Motion.

By using this simulator, you agree to the license terms stated in the license agreement included with this work

Generating UE fast fading and saving to dataFiles/channelTraces/99884d8a6a60871373fcc9f37042226989d47b5e.mat
Generating 1×1 channel trace of length 2000.00slots
50.00% 100.00%
simulating chunk 1…
Warning: The distance between user and base station is outside of the applicability range of the
> In macroscopicPathlossModel.TR36873/checkParameters (line 222)
In macroscopicPathlossModel.UMa3D/checkParametersUMa (line 179)
In macroscopicPathlossModel.UMa3D (line 94)
In macroscopicPathlossModel.UMa3D.getPathloss (line 67)
In simulation.ChunkSimulation/calculatePathloss (line 1109)
In simulation.ChunkSimulation/runSimulation (line 182)
In simulation.LocalSimulation/run (line 68)
In simulate (line 49)
In launcherFiles.launcherHetNet (line 21)
Loading UE fast fading from dataFiles/channelTraces/99884d8a6a60871373fcc9f37042226989d47b5e.mat.
Error using size
Dimension argument must be a positive integer scalar within indexing range.

Error in simulation.results.ResultsFull/checkIntegrity (line 231)
if ~isequal(size(losMap,1:3), [nAnt, nUsers, nSegmentsTotal])

Error in simulation.postprocessing.PostprocessorSuperclass/checkResultIntegrity (line 606)
[isValid, errorMsg] = result.checkIntegrity();

Error in simulation.postprocessing.FullPP.combineResults (line 46)

Error in simulation.LocalSimulation/run (line 72)
obj.simulationResult = obj.params.postprocessor.combineResults(chunkResultList);

Error in simulate (line 49);

Error in launcherFiles.launcherHetNet (line 21)
result = simulate(@scenarios.HetNet, parameters.setting.SimulationType.local);