Reply To: Vienna 5G SL Simulator – New Release 1.1



I am using MATLAB R2019a, and launcher file is in the root directory. I am able to run launcherIoTclusteredUser.m successfully.

However I am getting following error when I am running launcherHetNet.m

Error using size
Dimension argument must be a positive integer scalar within indexing range.

Error in simulation.results.ResultsFull/checkIntegrity (line 231)
if ~isequal(size(losMap,1:3), [nAnt, nUsers, nSegmentsTotal])

Error in simulation.postprocessing.PostprocessorSuperclass/checkResultIntegrity (line 606)
[isValid, errorMsg] = result.checkIntegrity();

Error in simulation.postprocessing.FullPP.combineResults (line 46)

Error in simulation.LocalSimulation/run (line 72)
obj.simulationResult = obj.params.postprocessor.combineResults(chunkResultList);

Error in simulate (line 49);

Error in launcherFiles.launcherHetNet (line 21)
result = simulate(@scenarios.HetNet, parameters.setting.SimulationType.local);