Reply To: A question about ploting results

Kiril Kirev

Dear Mr. Liang,

thank You for Your input! Yes, indeed without unambiguous dimension specification in the mean function, this error will be produced each time the parameter scStr.simulation.nFrames is set equal to 1 in any scenario file.
Since results are calculated as an average over multiple (many) random channel realizations (the Monte Carlo method), averaging over large number of realisations (the aforementioned parameter scStr.simulation.nFrames) leads to higher statistical significance of the results. Thus for many simulation setups, setting nFrames to 1 does not make much sense.
Of course, if Your specific simulation setup does not include random realizations and the plots in +Results/plotValues.m are still useful for Your purposes, please feel free to alter the code. Otherwise, using multiple (many) frames to average over is recommended.

Best Regards,