Reply To: Spectral efficiency in NOMA

Kiril Kirev

Dear Sergio,

if You wish to include an online calculation and plotting of the system’s SE after each simulation end, then I might also suggest a slight modification to a couple of simulator files to achieve that.

First You’ll need to expand the properties of the ‘UserResults’ class in +Results/UserResults.m to include spectral efficiency and also to initialize it properly upon class construction. You could just copy-paste the lines for ‘Throughput’, for instance, and rename them.

Second, for the actual parameter calculation: since the SE is closely related to the system’s throughput, You could reuse the Throughput calculation code in +Results/SimulationResults.m, lines 175-184, and divide it by the chosen system bandwidth to obtain the SE. N.B The bandwidth is not an input parameter, but is rather determined by subcarrier spacing and number of subcarriers. This info is not accessible within the ‘UserResults.m’ file, so either You’ll need to manually change the bandwidth values or further change the simulator structure in order to gain access.

Lastly, in order to plot the SE, simply expand the code in +Results/plotResults.m in a similar copy-paste manner with the lines 123-151 and change the throughput container to the one You specified in the previous steps.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,