Reply To: Vienna 5G LL Simulator – New Release 1.2

Roaa Ali

Dear Mariam,
I use vienna 5G LL Simulator 1.2
when increase number of users in cell NOMA for 34 user in implement appear error
Error in Modulation.OFDM/SetDependentParameters (line 84)
obj.Implementation.NormalizationFactor = sqrt( obj.PHY.SamplingRate^2 / obj.PHY.SubcarrierSpacing^2 / obj.Nr.Subcarriers); %
Normalization factor so that power = 1
Error in Modulation.Modulator (line 47)
obj.WaveformObject = Modulation.OFDM(varargin{8}, varargin{9}, varargin{10}, varargin{11}, varargin{12}, varargin{13}, varargin{14}, varargin{15});