Reply To: Vienna 5G LL Simulator – New Release 1.2

Qichen Jia

Dear Mariam,

Very Thanks for your quickly feedback.
I see the page show the context as following, and I have a confusion that Does it have to be a students at the TU WIEN or a reserach to apply for this license ?

Academic Usage of the original work will ONLY be granted after the license agreement included after this page is:
1) Printed on letterhead of the university department or research institute,
2) Signed by the department head, including date and stamp of the department,
3) Then scanned and, including the above, emailed to: Zeyu Huang

Is there any other way to download this LLS if I`m only a hobbyist in communication and want to study the 5G technology.

Best Regards,
Qichen Jia