Reply To: Channel Coding with Short Block Length – Channel Model

Kiril Kirev

Dear Fahran,

in order to make use of the Simulator’s whole functionality, including different channel models and properties, we recommend running the Simulator from the main.m file and use one of the predefined scenario files from the ‘./Scenarios’ folder. For instance, the ‘genericScenario’ is a good starting point.
In terms of channel models, we support frequency selectivity in the form of tapped delay line models (standardized ones such as PedestrianA, TDL-A with explicit RMS delay spread, etc.) which can be selected by the parameter. We also support time selectivity in the form of a Doppler model (Jakes and uniform) which is switched on by choosing a positive non-zero user velocity via the parameter scStr.simulation.userVelocity. The fading statistic of the channel is governed by the parameterization of the Two-Way with Diffuse Power (TWDP) model, ranging from AWGN to hyper-Rayleigh fading. Additionally we support temporally and spatially correlated channels, as well as a geometric-based channel model.
Detailed information can be found in the ‘Channel Model’ section, page 29, in our Simulator manual.