Reply To: Channel Coding with Short Block Length – Channel Model

Kiril Kirev

Dear Farhan,

You get this message because the product of antenna elements in horizontal and vertical direction which are the first and second argument in the parameter scStr.simulation.antennaConfiguration[x,y] does not equal the overall number of antennas, which is the parameter scStr.simulation.nAntennasBaseStation[z]. In other words, x*y != z. For instance, if you wish to simulate a scenario with a 4 antennas at the base station, arranged into a uniform linear array, then I would set the aforementioned parameters as:
scStr.simulation.antennaConfiguration = [4];
scStr.simulation.nAntennasBaseStation = [4,1];`

Lastly, the parameter scStr.modulation.precodingMatrix{iLink} is tightly related to the number of Tx antennas for the given link so please do not forget to update the number of rows of this matrix equal to them.