Reply To: Massive MIMO Simulation – numberOfSubcarriers


Hi Stefan,

I have now even got the Parallel Computing Toolbox and still getting below error, I am using MATAB R2020b and using Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS:

> In main (line 48) 
Error using Coding.ChannelCodingComponents.CRC.Attach (line 48)
Unable to resolve the name Coding.ChannelCodingComponents.CRCMEX.

Error in Coding.ChannelCoding/encode (line 104)
        InputBits = Coding.ChannelCodingComponents.CRC.Attach(InputBits, obj.CRCPoly);

Error in Elements.User/generateTransmitSignal (line 42)
                    codedBits{iCodeword} =

Error in main (line 48)
parfor iSweep = 1:length(simParams.simulation.sweepValue) % this may be 'for' or 'parfor'
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