Reply To: Spectral efficiency in NOMA


Dear Bashar,

For massive MIMO scenario, if we are using multiuserMode.Downlink={‘ZF-MUMIMO’} and the schedule for the superimposed users below, while playin it says the schedule in the scenario file is ignored and all users assigned to the base station are scheduled to transmit/receive on all available subcarrriers. Is it reasonable to say that we are still using NOMA (3GPP MUST technique) with these setting? Or when using ZF or MRT we are using OMA?

scStr.schedule.fixedScheduleDL{1} = [‘UE1:72,UE2:UE1,UE3:UE1,UE4:UE1’];
scStr.schedule.fixedScheduleDL{2} = [‘UE5:72,UE6:UE5,UE7:UE5,UE8:UE5’];
scStr.schedule.fixedScheduleUL{1} = [‘UE1:72,UE2:UE1,UE3:UE1,UE4:UE1’];
scStr.schedule.fixedScheduleUL{2} = [‘UE5:72,UE6:UE5,UE7:UE5,UE8:UE5’];