Reply To: Massive MIMO Simulation -spatialChannelModel


Hi Bashar,

I have added obj.simulation.antennaConfiguration(:) = {[obj.simulation.nAntennasBaseStation(1), 1]}; on line 1196 and below is the snippet

 function Links = initializeLinks(obj, Links, BS, UE)
obj.simulation.antennaConfiguration(:) = {[obj.simulation.nAntennasBaseStation(1), 1]};
            % this function  initializes all links according to some
            % scenario setting
            L = length(Links);
            nBS = length(BS);

I have set = true; in original massiveMIMO scenario file

But now I am getting this error below:

Error using Parameters.SimulationParameters/checkParameters (line 743)
There must be an azimuth AoA distribution mean value defined for each link!

Error in Parameters.SimulationParameters (line 30)

Error in main (line 23)
simParams = Parameters.SimulationParameters(simulationScenario);