Reply To: Massive MIMO Simulation -spatialChannelModel


Hi Bashar,

Thanks for your reply, I am interested to investigate the performance of closely-spaced users as well as sparsely spaced users. Referencing Manual’s Spherical angles definition in a Cartesian coordinate system, There are two parameters:

scStr . channel . angleMean AOA 
scStr . channel . angleMean ZOA 

if I enter values like below: = [0,90,180,270,0,90,180,270,0,90,180,270,0,90,180,270,]; = [90,60,45,30,90,60,45,30,90,60,45,30,90,60,45,30];

As per my understanding, This Means UE1 corresponds to AngleMeanAOA to “0 degree” and AngleMeanZOA “90 degree” in Downlink and UE2 is having AngleMeanAOA “90 degree” and AngleMeanZOA “60 degree” in Downlink and so on and same analogy for last 8 values except that they corresponds to uplink. Even though I have set scenario like this the performance is almost the same for First four UE’s and last four UE’s . I am expecting that individual performance of the UE for example UE1 and UE2 to differ from each other as they have different AOA and ZOA but they are the same. Can you please guide in this regard?