Reply To: Massive MIMO Simulation -spatialChannelModel


Hi Bashar,

Thanks for your reply and usual help. I have followed your suggestion and My configurations are Below:                 = [0,90,180,270,0,90,180,270,0,90,180,270,0,90,180,270];                  = [45];                 = [5];                 = [5];                       = [5]; 

My Question is as I have set them sufficiently separated and they are being operated with the same CQI, now ZF and MRT should perform. Why ZF is having better performance when all UE(1-8) are all separated?

P.S: My scenario is same where UE’s 1 to 4 are associated with BS1 whereas UE’s 5 to 8 are connected to BS2, both for downlink as well as for uplink.
Zero Forcing (ZF) precoding for BS1
Maximum Ratio Transmission (MRT) precoding for BS2