Reply To: LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_RRH


Dear Martin,

thanks for your direction. Before your answer,I watch access-gavideo and I find the LTE System Level Simulator v1.8 that has been downloaded is different from that described in the video.
The video is downloaded from LTE System Level Simulator v1.8 lack some subfiles ,such as non_public_utils, svn, improvement list and eval_MBSFN.m ,LTE_init_car_users.m and so on. It also lacks something about MBSFN in the subfiles.I download the LTE System Level Simulator v1.8 from wonder that my error maybe stem from the imperfection of files. Can you send me the latest version and complete information? I will try to do what you say and
observe results.Thanks for your help again.

Best regards,
Xinzhe Wang.