Reply To: calculation mode of wideband_SINR of UE


Dear XingTong,

For calculation of the wideband_SINR in v2 trace there was a bug in the code. The right expression is:

obj.wideband_SINR = 10*log10(sum(reshape(RX_total_half_RB_layers_UE./avg_pathloss_linear_0./avg_shadow_fading_linear_0,1,[])) /…

Regarding the pathloss indexing you should use the ‘later’ calculation as:

% Indexing matrix for the pathlosses for wideband SINR calculation
pathloss_idxs = zeros(size(RX_W_half_RB_i_UE));
for i_=1:size(RX_W_half_RB_i_UE,4)
pathloss_idxs(:,:,:,i_, 🙂 = i_;

Note that the pathloss maps are generated per site and not per sector, this leads to the same pathloss value for three sectors, that is why interfering eNodeB sectors of the same site have the same pathloss.

Best regards,