Reply To: Simulation about Multiuser MIMO


Thank you very much, Mr.Martin. I have fixed the problem about link_quality_model_v2.
However, I still have simulation problem about MU-MIMO. I have followed the requirement in the roundRobinSchedulerMU.m and added the text block into “+feedback_calculation.CLSM_PMI_feedback.m.” There are two problems.
First, about the text block in roundRobinSchedulerMU.m

    max_ues = size(precoding_codebook.W, 1);
     for i_ =2:2

Should the “for i_ =2:2” be modified to “for i_ =1:2”?
Second, simulator shows errors about “Inner matrix dimensions must agree.” in network_elements.UE/calculate_per_layer_interference_power. How do I change the simulation(configuration) setting to simulate MU-MIMO successfully?

Note: My version of Vienna SL simulator is v1.8r1375.
Thank you.