Reply To: Traffic model


I’m doing research on that recently. As the code explanation saying, priority of ftp is set to 0.1, http to 0.2, video to 0.2, voip to 0.3 and gaming to 0.2.
On my point of view, the sets is relative to each other. For example, QoS of VoIP needs extremely low latency, explained in 3GPP protocol, so VoIP’s priority value is the biggest. It’s my understanding about it.

aPrioriPdf = [0.1,0.2,0.2,0.3,0.2];
% a priori pdf according to which a traffic model is picked (defined in RAN R1-070674); just use single digit numbers for this, otherwise set will not work
% [ftp,http,video,voip,gaming]