Reply To: BLER Error in Uplink Link Level Simulator using multisim

Yeon Tan


I really appreciate your answers. However, i still have some questions to ask if you don’t mind.

Firstly, is the error occurred in transport block same all the time so that number of subframes is the major contribution to the curve of BLER ?

Secondly, is that any code file that deals with CQI mapping with Modulation Order ? I would like to modify the Modulation Order that matches with certain CQI value so that fix Modulation order will be used in certain SNR, , is it possible ?

Thirdly, what is the main difference between coded and uncoded output results in Throughput and BER plot ? How do both coded and uncoded operate to generate the output ? How come BLER plot do not have uncoded curve ?

Last but not least, how can i verify whether my throughput, BLER and BER plot curve are correct ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.