Reply To: power allocation to UES

Nguyen Le Hung


1. The UE positions will be randomly generated in “LTE_init_generated_users_and_schedulers.m”

2. From the UE position, UE will be assigned to “attached_site”

3. UE then will be attached to an eNodeB based on distance (or SINR ?)
in “LTE_init_generated_users_and_schedulers.m” & “eNodeB_sector.m”

4. Next, UE will be put in the scheduler’s queue of that eNodeB, and the Resource Block of this eNodeB will be assigned to this UE.
The number of Resource Block will be assigned to UE depends on the Resource Allocation scheme (Round Robin, Proportional Fair…)
in “UE.m”

5. Based on the number of Resource Blocks are assigned to that UE, eNodeB will decide the power allocation for that UE.
For example, the total power of eNodeB is 40W which will be divided for 100 Rbs → each Resource Block is transmitted with power = 0.4W
If the UE is assigned with 5 RB → the Tx power for that UE is 2W
in “UE.m”