Reply To: RRH with predefined / and berger antanna


Dear Naser,

For RRH position predefined, it means if you want one RRH to each sector of single eNodeB:

LTE_config.RRH.distribution_params.RRH_positions(1,:,1) = [150,150];
LTE_config.RRH.distribution_params.RRH_positions(1,:,2) = [-50,50];
LTE_config.RRH.distribution_params.RRH_positions(1,:,3) = [150,-150];

-> first dimension denotes RRH, second dimension denotes position in [x, y], and third dimension denotes eNodeB sector id.
Predefined azimuth depends on your network geometry assumptions, the angle where you want the RRH to radiate.

Best regards,