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Dear Stefan,
I Highly appreciate your support and help.

– Regarding the Q2 above (although your answer is very perfect but please pardon me for my further questions on these points). Just for more clarification, you said that “The feedback values, namely CQI, RI and PMI are then calculated from this (estimated) channel matrix in the scheduler”, this is happen in the base station however, to best of my knowledge, In order to support dynamic adaptation, these three reports (CQI, PMI and RI) should be generated by the mobile terminal UE and then feeding them back to the base stations through the (channel matrix H) to aid with scheduling and link adaptation. I thing just instead of CQI the UE calculate the SINR, so the channel matrix that has been sent by the UE to the base station already include these information. I wonder if I am right or wrong?

– Regarding Q6 above,

The cell throughput = SUM ( all UEs throughput).

UE throughput (i) = B * log(1+SINR(i))

where,B is the bandwidth and the value of SINR is given in the simulator as vector of values (SNR_vec = linspace(0,30,8).

My question is the above equation of UE throughput is same the equation that is used in the simulator to find the UE throughput? and in which line of code is calculated? because I have difficulty to find it in simulationResultsUL.m . Many thanks

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